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Technical Support

Personal Human Tech Support in English on the phone, via video chat and email.

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Floating Woocomerce

Assistance in expanding your business. Using Woocommerce and other open source solutions. You can sell via ebay Amazon and your website using wordpress Woocommerce backend.

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Cloud Security

We have open source solutions and advice for the most annoying hack, cracks and DDOS for Small Business sites.

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Email Solutions

Configure email for your business from a few accounts through massive marketing campaigns that don’t get filtered as Spam or Promotions

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Floating Small Businesses Server AMI

A Secure and useful cloud server that houses your web server and email server, with appropriate scripts and responsive security.

Floating Cloud

We assist our clients to succeed in the online world
Our services get rid of Online Chaos.

We at Floating Cloud are committed to helping you get your story out and to keep it there through security protections. Our AWS Floating Small Business Server AMI brings together tons of our experience. We specialize in giving floating support services, these include dozens of years of experience in Tech Support, System/Network administration and artistic web design.
Give us a ring when you are tired of being bamboozled into deals that provide kind words but no real support. We will install a server for you on AWS using the free tier (for those eligible by AWS rules) We will design and support your website and ecommerce server. This includes a security tier which blocks malicious IP addresses using the native Linux firewall.
This server also comes with a sendmail ready to receive mail for your domain. Using Amazon SES (also depending on Amazon approval) you can send mass mailings to your mail list. We can guide and assist you to get the emails past Junk Mail Filters into the inbox.

  • We configure your cloud services especially for you, AWS, Azure, Google, etc. We offer Support via the phone, email, etc

  • We make your website do what you want it to do, using Wordpress, Woocommerce, HTML, CSS and much more

  • Amazon Machine Image - LAMP, Wordpress, Email@yourdomain.com, Webmail, Responsive Firewall, much more

  • Cloud Security especially designed for your biz. Even if you don't know the source of Security hole. Over 20 years experience seeing hacks, cracks, spam, DDOS, IAM ,you name it, just ask us!

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