Sr-IOV network-environment settings for TripleO Openstack installation

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    KernelArgs: "default_hugepagesz=1GB hugepagesz=1G hugepages=120 intel_iommu=on iommu=pt"
    OvsPmdCoreList: "17,53,35,71"
    OvsDpdkCoreList: "0,36,18,54"
    ##  OvsDpdkMemoryChannels  should be 4 (default), refer to Hardware Manual or run  dmidecode -t memory
    OvsDpdkMemoryChannels: "4"
    ##  OvsDpdkSocketMemory: "1024,1024" is the recommended setting without dpdk nic
    OvsDpdkSocketMemory: "1024,4096"
    TunedProfileName: "cpu-partitioning"
    NovaReservedHostMemory: 4096
    OvsEnableDpdk: true
    ## IsolCpusList A set of CPU cores isolated from the host processes. except for dpdk. Match the list of cores in OvsPmdCoreList and NovaVcpuPinSet.
    IsolCpusList: "1-17,19-35,36-53,55-70"
    ## NovaVcpuPinSet Sets cores for CPU pinning. not pmd ??? Exclude all cores from the OvsPmdCoreList and the OvsDpdkCoreList.
    NovaVcpuPinSet: ['1-16,19-34,37-52,55-70,']