MongoDB 3.6 on Linux

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MongoDB 3.6 is the most popular document oriented Database. This Cyber Secured instance is configured for optimal usage with large datasets. Database files are  installed on an XFS volume which allows the WiredTiger storage system to work incredibly fast, even with conflicting write commands from different clients.

  • Perfect for production, development and learning
  • WiredTiger Storage System on an XFS Volume

This page refers to Per-installed EC2 availble at:

MongoDB 3.6 Access Instructions Below

MongoDB 3.6 is an open-source, cross-platform document-oriented database program. Classified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with schemas. Mongo means humongous.  This installation is bound to the localhost IP Address. This Server is great for research, web platforms,  developers who want a server that can be easily managed.  This instance has been installed following MongoDb best practices, It uses the WiredTiger storage system on a pre-formatted XFS volume.

New Features in MongoDb 3.6

  • Enable real time updates with Change streams. Update game scores or market prices
  • Retryable writes means that you can write less code, since the retries are built in for when the DB inaccessible
  • Find Anything easily with Fully Expressive Array Updates

Access Instructions for MongoDB 3.6 on Linux


These instructions refer to an AMI in AWS:

This installation is bound to the localhost IP

To access mongodb you need to connect via SSH with your key as directed in the EC2 console

In order to access mongoBD after you get the Linux Prompt type:



mongo admin

if you created a new database then you can go directly into that with:


You can connect any drivers locally to work with your Database. Drop us a line if you need instructions how to unbind this MongoDB server 3.6 from localhost. Email for support

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