Postfix Spam Solutions with Dovecot imap

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Postfix Email Servers can filter or Reject Spam

Open Source spam solution

This is the simplest solution for rejecting 90% of spam with no false positives For your Postfix Email Server.

smtpd_recipient_restrictions =

This makes your Postfix email server reject mail from servers that are known to send spam. Spamhaus and spamcop aren’t self righteous.

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I am using

Amazon Linux 2
spamassassin 3.4.1

The goal is to run an e-mail server, which I achieved already. I can access the e-mails at the server using Thunderbird and the imap protocol.

For the postfix configuration I followed this tutorial: but using Maildir instead.

Dovecot got configured following:

In addition I installed fail2ban, which got tested successfully.

The next step is e-mail filtering. Following worked out nicely. Spamassassin is blocking all spam. But acutally I do not want to block it, I just want that spamassassin marks it as spam and that the spam gets redirected into my spam-folder. This is just in case something gets filtered out that was not a spam.

For that I set /etc/amavis/conf.d/21-ubuntu_defaults:

$final_spam_destiny = D_PASS;

and the subject gets added ****SPAM****

The next step is that dovecot automatically moves this mail to my junk folder. And there I get stuck. I followed this tutorial:

and there the part “Sending spam to the Junk folder”. But it doesn’t work. I have seen that sieve is not working for imap. But I cannot find any tutorial or manual on imap_sieve, that would solve my problem. Does anyone of you has an idea? I also do not find any log entry where I could see that sieve is working (or not)?

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I got a bit further in my problem:

By setting conf.d/10-logging.conf

mail_debug = yes

and conf.d/90-sieve.conf

sieve_plugins = sieve_imapsieve sieve_global_dir = /etc/dovecot/sieve/`

as well as in:

conf.d/90-plugin.conf `

plugin { sieve_plugins = sieve_imapsieve sieve_extprograms imapsieve_mailbox1_name = INBOX imapsieve_mailbox1_after = file:/etc/dovecot/sieve/default.sieve sieve_global_extensions = +vnd.dovecot.pipe +vnd.dovecot.environment }

and sieve/default.sieve: `

require [“fileinto”, “mailbox”, “imap4flags”]; if header :contains “subject” [“*SPAM*”] { setflag “\\Seen”; #setflag “\\Deleted”; fileinto :create “Junk”; stop; }

as well as compiling by sievec sieve/default.sieve I made it that junk mail gets copied into the junk folder. But unfortunately the mail stays as well in the Inbox. It seems it is just copied?