Postfix Containerized Version 1 is out

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HATE Gmail?


Update Nov 4, 2021

This opensource project now works. You can easily install it.

To start installing, launch the Complete Email Server with Webmail in the AWS Cloud.

Everyone hates Gmail and some put up with hotmail. A personal email server is best to have. We have helped people to install a great email server on Windows, but linux was too complicated for ordinary folks.

We stopped installing the Windows Hmail Server, since Windows Vulnerabilities  have been frightening and we couldn’t keep up with the patching.

postfix, postfixadmin and pgsql working together in a container. It can receive as well as send email.

In order for it to work you need to have dns and mx records point towards it.

Here is my blog directing you how to setup AWS Route 53 with A and MX DNS records.


Postfix Containerized Version 1 has only only MBOX, it does not have POP3 or Imap support, You can add users in postfixadmin.

run docker-compose up -d

IN Postfix admin first go to http://YOURDOMAIN/setup.php

The secret password is topsecret99

after creating an admin user login with it at http://YOURDOMAIN/login.php

Here you can manage domains and users.

The mail received  is in the linux path ./var/mail/domains/YOURDOMAIN

You can see about Postfix admin at