Add other admins and allow them to control email domains in Postfix Admin UI

Take control of your email domains and allow others to do the work Postfix Admin UI

In the add domain admin you need to allow each domain to be controlled. For security purposes admin privileges are limited. So you need to select like in the picture, when adding the admin.

Thank you for using our Floating Cloud Email Server.

When adding an extra domain I suggest that the new MX record point mx record that is the first one that you used to create the server, as the ssl certificate is created for that domain. Let me know if you want me to explain this.

The second domain only becomes visible when you add it to the list of domains that the admin can see. This is because you can have several admins with divided responsibilities.

So go into the admin UI that you alluded to before.


Now that you missed that you do not need to delete the admin user. Just select admin list. Then edit

In the edit window you will see the list of domain names. Select them, make sure active is still selected. The choose save changes.


Now you’ll see the domain name in the window screen that you sent me,