How to remove a user in mongodb

db.removeUser() On this page Definition Deprecated since version 2.6: Use db.dropUser() instead of db.removeUser() Definition db.removeUser(username) Removes the specified username from the database. The db.removeUser() method has the following parameter: Parameter Type Description username string The database username. Hits: 6

Change User name in MongoDB

I need to change a username in mongodb 3.4 due to re-branding to   db.system.users.update({“user”:”oldname”}, {$set:{“user”:”newname”}}) From:   Hits: 6

Reset AWS AMI Windows 2016 Password for use in Marketplace

In Windows PowerShell, run the following command to schedule the script to run as a Windows Scheduled Task. The script runs one time during the next boot and then disables these tasks from running again. PS C:\> C:\ProgramData\Amazon\EC2-Windows\Launch\Scripts\InitializeInstance.ps1 -Schedule Hits: 11

HowTo: Install MongoDB Replica Set with Docker Swarm in Multiple Regions

Running your MongoDB in replica set is a really great idea, using Docker is a quick way to deploy it. The simplest way to create a multi region MongoDB Replica set using Docker Swarm is to use our scripts that are already written. They launch a CloudFormation and the scripts written below. Please leave a comment Read more about HowTo: Install MongoDB Replica Set with Docker Swarm in Multiple Regions[…]

Dovecot imap send spam to junk – Server Fault

Still trying to make a spam solution for opensource Also see I am using Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit dovecot spamassassin 3.4.1 amavisd The goal is to run an e-mail server, which I achieved already. I can access the e-mails at the server using Thunderbird and the imap protocol. For the postfix Read more about Dovecot imap send spam to junk – Server Fault[…]

install horde for dovecot webmail with imp Configuring Horde for IMP [OPTIONAL]If you would prefer that your users authenticate directly with IMP, without having to authenticate through Horde first, load theAdministration/Configuration/Authentication page and from the What backend should we use for authenticating users to Hordepulldown menu select Let a Horde application handle authentication (see the note below about new installs). Select imp from the The application which is Read more about install horde for dovecot webmail with imp[…]