Upgrade Php 5.6 for Windows WAMP server

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Within your Windows Server, Download the latest version of Php 5.6 of

VC11 x86 Non Thread Safe 5.6



Download the Zip File. the open it, It should be in your Downloads Folder. and select extract all, then extract them to a new sub-directory in downloads

Copy the new sub-directory to C:\Program Files (x86)\PHP

You can get started with an Email Cloud Server that is wonderful combination of MS Windows Server  and Open Source Software. It is available through AWS Marketplace as Hmailserver on Windows Server with Roundcube Webmail so that you can check email anywhere and from any device.

Select continue if asked

Turn off the HmailServer, IIS (W3SVC) MySql,  and and any other services that use Php. If you dont follow the order , then you’ll get an error like in the picture.

You wont be allowed to change the name of the old folder unless you stop the services that are using it or each other.

After you stopped the services, change the name (dont delete it for a few days) of the old Php5.6 folder to php5.6.old. Then  change the name of the new folder that you copied from the extracted zip file within the PHP dir. to php5.6  – You need to give it the same name as the old folder since IIS uses the files by following the path given it iin IIS FastCGI settings.

Now you need to copy the php.ini file from the old directory to the new.

Start the services that you stopped before.

Test your website, Roundcube and WordPress use both Php and Mysql, so if those don’t work then something is wrong.

If you did something wrong you’ll get a 500 error or White Screen of Death.