October 25, 2016

Charming CRM on Windows 2012 Server R2 – With Email Server – WebMail – PhpMyAdmin Apache 64 Bit

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Access Instructions

Goto your http://PublicDNS

Press next then OK

ok when asked whether to proceed due to display errors being set to off

Then Answer the questions

Database info is

Database User






Answer the rest of the questions

It takes a while to install the database, as it has many tables

Login as admin


Whatever password you chose.

Go into the the cog and CRM settings and fill in as much as you can

VTiger is very powerful, we offer support for your server. We can also privately consult in setting up your vtiger to help to you capture as many leads as exist

IN ORDER TO use Vtiger for Sending mail use  AWS SES to send your emails to clients

Click the cog on the upper right corner and select “CRM Settings”

https://wiki.vtiger.com/index.php/System_Setup – to see how to setup and automate many parts of the sales cycle.

Then on the left column select Other Settings

Click on “Outgoing Server”

In the “server anme” field put ttls://email-smtp.us-east-1.amazonaws.com:587

You might not be using US-EAST-1 so replace the domain name with whatever your SES server is

User name – Put the second field of the csv file

Password – Put the VERY /long last field which often has special characters

From Address needs to be an address and domain that you have verified with SES

Require Authentication – YES

Remote Desktop connection to your Windows EC2 instance.

  • In order to easily manage your Windows Server you need to connect via Windows Remote Desktop program.
  •  Remote Desktop login uses a Password randomly assigned by AWS
  • To login to your server from Windows , right click on your instance ID, in the AWS Ec2 Panel,
    Select “Connect “
  • Get Password using your previously downloaded key by following the on screen AWS instructions
  • Click on “Download Remote Desktop File”
  • Open the downloaded File and paste your decrypted password when asked to do so.
  • Press Connect

After You connect for the first time you can configure your Remote Desktop Client to use your local drive to copy files back and forth to the EC2 Windows Server

Configure Windows Remote Desktop to show your local drive on the remote Desktop

  • Open your Remote Desktop From the Start Menu
  • Click on Show Options
  • Click Local Resources Tab
  • Then Click more under Printers
  • Put a check mark into Drives or select which drives you want.
  • Press OK – Then connect
  • Open the File Manager from the Remote desktop
  • Select “This PC”
  • You should see the drive that you connect

Configure the Hmailserver  and Roundcube Webmail to send and receive emails for your Business

Before Starting to set up the Charming Email Server you should setup your DNS,
If you are purchasing a domain via AMazon Route 53 it will configure some things, However, you will still need to add an A record which points to the IP address of your Charming Small Business EC2 Server. The IP address is found in the EC2 section of the AWS panel. In order to receive email you must configure an MX record.

IN Route 53 click to create record and select MX
Fill in the blank form with:
10 your-domain-name-from-A-record

If you are using another DNS service you must use their instructions to setup your web domain and MX record to receive email . Contact us for assistance at support@charmingcloud.net

We hope that publicDNS and  Your-Domain-Name are the same, since the server needs these properly setup.

To login to your server from  Windows , right click on your instance ID, in the AWS Ec2 Panel, Get Password using your key file then download the Remote Desktop File and open it when it is downloaded.

Password for scripts installed for the Charming Small Business Server  For Windows SVR 2012 R2 use the Instance ID as a password. This can be found in the ec2 panel of AWS. An init script plants these passwords in the appropriate config files throughout the server. You can change them if you desire.


In order to setup your Charming Small Business Server to receive email you need to first setup an MX record that points to the domain on this server.

Open the Roundcube Server, use blank Password.


 Hmailserver wont work unless you set domain.

Release notes – put roundcube has blank password – Please put one

ALL other passwords are the Instance ID – availble …..

OPen Hmailserver Admin – Click OK – No password

Click on Domain in the left column and add your Domain Name that has the MX record set to point to it Press Save

Click Settings – Protocols – SMTP  –  then click the Delivery of Email Tab  under  fill in your Domain Name in Local Host name that you are sending from, then press Save.  Although HMAILServer requires this,  you might not be able to send any emails as these are often blocked by Amazon. Instead you should set your email cllient, like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc to use Amazon SES. 

Under Hmailserver Administrator add Email Addresses

UNder Domain – Your Domain Name – Click Accounts,

Press Add, on the right side

Fill in, at least the email address, Password and Maximum size for Mailbox.

To check email use full email address, though sometimes just the username is enough.

HmailServer  Adminstrator password has been left blank you certainly add a secure password  instead of blank

  1. Start hMailServer Administrator and log on.
  2. Go to Settings -> Advanced
  3. Enter the new Administration password and save the changes.

Check https://www.hmailserver.com/ for all of the documentation for Hmailserver

Hmailserver is very powerful , these instruction just get you going.

You can setup your email client like Outlook or Thunderbird. Check https://www.hmailserver.com/ for instructions

I suggest NOT using this server as SMTP. It isn’t setup to relay. We have found AWS SES service to be the best, To use SES in your client
Use port 587 or 465
IAM and SES will assign you an SMTP username and password
For security try starttls

Send an email to support@charmingcloud.net if you have an issue setting up SES, it can be confusing. We won’t be able to assist in making your CHarming Small Business Server do SMTP in a manner that the email won’t be blocked by spam filters.

You can check your email using ROundcube Webmail that is pre-installed in the Charming Small Business Server.

Put in the username and password added above.
Each user needs to setup their personal info in roundcube

Amazon often blocks sending mail from EC2 servers, you should request that AWS permit you to use SES, then setup your SMTP mail client to use SES. To get started with SES go to SES in your AWS panel.
Email – setup direction

Setup DNS – Route 53 with A and MX records for your domain

After you set you set up the DNS

login  To Windows and Run from the Start Menu HmailServer administrator
You can read email with webmail – go to your-domain/webmail and put in your username and password
each user needs to setup their personal info in roundcube


The Charming Vtiger Server is based on an Apache 2.4 Web Server

You can configure Apache

Go to http://PublicDNS to see the “It works!” page

To edit your site

Use Remote Desktop

The Config file is


To edit the site, add files to


 You can manage your Mysql Database via Phpmyadmin

PhpMyAdmin is opened from
Instance ID

Long Description

Charming Vtiger on Windows 2012 Server R2 – With – PhpMyAdmin Apache 64 Bit. Vtiger is the most popular open source CRM. Charming Cloud uses Vtiger for our CRM. Stay in touch with your clients in this very customizable CRM.

This Charming Server also includes a full Email Solution for your business. It includes HmailServer to receive emails@yourdomain as well Webmail using Roundcude. We include directions how to connect Vtiger as well as your email client to Amazon SES, to help you stay out of the Spam Bin.

This Windows Server with popular open source software is great for those who want a server that can be managed by any of the millions of Windows System Administrators around the world. Files can be manipulated through the Windows File Manager and edited in the standard Windows Text Editor or via the WebMatrix design tool that is also installed.

At Charming Cloud, We have years of experience in System administration and Web design, especially in WordPress. We have built this server especially for the needs of small and SOHO businesses. It has been installed many times for clients and has had programs added on that were demanded by clients.
Your domain will be up and running very quickly. Once your DNS is sorted out, hopefully in Route 53, you only need to easily add your domain to a user-friendly Windows Panel, then you can add users addresses.
Wordpress on the Charming Small Business Server has a minimal installation. An init script sets up all the passwords.

Phpmyadmin is also installed making it easy to add other applications that use Mysql.

Short Description


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