October 9, 2017

Charming CRM Access Instructions

Access Instructions

You can find instructions at:

Instructions for Charming CRM in AWS marketplace for v7

Before starting it is really important to install an Elastic IP Address

You then need your DNS to have an A record to point to the IP address of the server. The A record is the domain or sub-domain that you plan to use for this server.


Be sure that you Allocate the Elastic IP in the region you intend to use for the PhpList Server on Windows.

Click in the lower left column Elastic Ips

Then Allocate again,

Now copy the IP address into the Route 53 to create an A record for the domain we registered above.

Go back to Route 53 under services click your new domain from the list of domains in hosted zones.

Now you will see a window like this. Select Create Record Set towards the top of the window.

Create an A record pointing towards your new IP address either with your domain name or a sub-domain, that the A record creates, then create an MX record that points to it. I really like my new domain name of charming.cloud and want the web address to go to my Charming Cloud WebSite. In order to get email to charming.cloud we will set the MX record of charming.cloud

The MX record tells the universe that a server named mail.charming.cloud will receive email to anyone@charming.cloud .

Click on your domain.

So if your mail server uses the same server as your Web server, you can use a single domain or subdomain.

In the right column next to Name: fill in the subdomain that you would like the server to be known as. You can use your top Level Domain if you plan to use the same IP address as your webserver. In other words, leave Name field blank if you are not using a subdomain. paste the IP address that you got from Elastic IP into Value. Then Press Create




Go to your http://PublicDNS – Use the domain name that you setup with the Elastic Ip Address

Press next then OK

Press OK when asked whether to proceed due to display errors being set to off (this is the best setting)


Instance ID is in the upper left of the lower EC2 panel

Instance ID is in the upper left of the lower EC2 panel


Then Answer the questions

Database info is

  • Hostname


  • Database User


  • Password


  • Database



Answer the rest of the questions. Charming CRM uses your email address only locally on your Instance. It uses it to send you email you reports from the server and as the From Address”” for email sent to your contacts and leads.

It takes a while to install the database, as it has many tables

Login as admin


Whatever password you chose.

Go into the cog and CRM settings and fill in as much as you can

You can find instructions on how to export to PDF and more up to date instructions below.

These instructions are for https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B073WXGVSW/?ref=_PTNR_chcl

Hardware Requirements for Charming CRM

In order to let you test Charming CRM we have made it available on weaker  EC2 instances. However, for serious marketing efforts you need to follow the minimum Hardware Requirements of Charming CRM

  • Hardware: 4 GB RAM, 250 GB Disk (for file attachments)

That means that you need to use at least a T2 Medium with 4 GB of memory.

We have made the default Volume size 260 GB.

Fix for Issues found in this Charming CRM

When trying to Export to PDF You receive a 500 application Error

Regarding the PDF issue I installed 2 things. First I installed the free version of pdfmaker from

http://www.its4you.sk/en/pdf-maker. You need to sign up with them. A flexible multi template version is available for pay, but the free version is enough to get going.

It is a bit confusing to get the free version. See the Image below – free is in the right column pdf maker “free for CRM”

Once downloaded you need to install it via the Charming CRM setting


After downloading the Pdf Maker you need to install it.

Go to hamburger – Settings – Crm Settings

Then select Module Management – >Modules – then select on the right top Import Module from ZIP.

You must select the file before checking that you agree

After select the file from your computer and agree, etc.

Fix for Webforms – fixes both ability to save fields in the form ant subsequent 500 error

We have written a script that runs after your initial Charming CRM installation. To run the script simply reboot your server. When testing the present installation, I clicked reboot and am unsure whether it actually rebooted so I rebooted again. Therefor it might need 2 reboots.

 Charming CRM is very powerful, we offer support for your server. We can also privately consult in setting you up to help to you capture as many leads as exist, but the included support is usually enough.

Extensive instructions about email and more can be found at:


Charming CRM Docs

Charming CRM Access Instructions

You need to set up Charming. CRM for Sending Emails. You can use any SMTP server for sending. A great way to get your promotions in the inbox is to use AWS SES to send your emails to clients

Click the cog on the upper right corner and select “CRM Settings”

Charming CRM Sales Cycle Automation – to see how to setup and automate many parts of the sales cycle.

Then on the left column select Other Settings

Click on “Outgoing Server”

Put your SMTP server domain name.

If you are using SES, In the “server name” field put tls://email-smtp.us-east-1.amazonaws.com:587

You might not be using US-EAST-1 so replace the domain name with whatever your SES server is

User name:

Put your SMTP username

If using SES, Put the second field of the csv file

Password – Put your SMTP password

if using SES Put the VERY /long last field which often has special characters

From Address needs to be an address and domain that you have verified with SES

Require Authentication – YES

Fixes for previous versions of Charming CRM 

When you look at a Page for an Opportunity the bottom of the page has a PHP error.

This fixes the Error on the opportunities page


You need to login via ssh to your server Instances PublicDNS address with user ec2-user use the AWS access key that you should have.

At the prompt type or paste from here.

  • sudo yum install php70-mbstring.x86_64
  • Press Yes to accept the installation
  • then type

sudo service httpd restart

Fix for Webforms – fixes both ability to save fields in the form ant subsequent 500 error

Before pasting in the advice login to mysql

  • mysql -uroot -p
  • enter  your MySql Passowrd, For Charming CRM the Instance-ID is the password
  • then
  • use charming;
  • If you are upgrading your own then use <YOURDBNAME> instead of charming
  • then paste this MySql command

CREATE TABLE `vtiger_webforms_field` ( `id` int(19) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `webformid` int(19) NOT NULL, `fieldname` varchar(50) NOT NULL, `neutralizedfield` varchar(50) NOT NULL, `defaultvalue` varchar(200) DEFAULT NULL, `required` int(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘0’, `captcha` int(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘0’, `roundrobin` int(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘0’, `roundrobin_userid` varchar(256) DEFAULT NULL, `roundrobin_logic` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘0’, PRIMARY KEY (`id`), KEY `webforms_webforms_field_idx` (`id`), KEY `fk_1_vtiger_webforms_field` (`webformid`), KEY `fk_2_vtiger_webforms_field` (`fieldname`), CONSTRAINT `fk_1_vtiger_webforms_field` FOREIGN KEY (`webformid`) REFERENCES `vtiger_webforms` (`id`) ON DELETE CASCADE, CONSTRAINT `fk_3_vtiger_webforms_field` FOREIGN KEY (`fieldname`) REFERENCES `vtiger_field` (`fieldname`) ON DELETE CASCADE );

  • Then paste this

ALTER TABLE `vtiger_webforms_field` ADD `sequence` INT NULL DEFAULT NULL AFTER `required` , ADD `hidden` INT NULL DEFAULT NULL AFTER `sequence`;

Now your forms should save the fields and posting the code to a web page will work.


Source: charming-crm-broken-webformss


The following is  already be fixed in the new version – For the old version after installing the PDF viewer you might get white screen of death.

I additionally needed to  install a package from the same shell as discussed above. Without this I got a White Screen of Death.

sudo yum install php70-gd.x86_64 (This has been done already in the upgrade.

For both commands discussed in this message in  one shot you should try

sudo yum install php70-gd.x86_64   php70-mbstring.x86_64


sudo service httpd restart

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